hi! nice to meet you!

i'm xaihan - a cosplayer, an artist and a hopeless idoltwit stan acc.
here you can check out my works and get to know me better!
please feel free to check out all the tabs below. ;^)

each time you buy me a coffee you can request a doodle of anything you want!



dm me on my twitter or instagram
for more details and if you have any questions!
i'm ok with drawing nsfw/mild gore.


• you can call me xaihan/xai/oli/ollie and whatever else you can make up of those, up to you bud!
• i was born on 8th of june 2000, which means i'm a dumb gemini.
• my pronouns are they/he!
• i'm from poland, english and polish are fine with me.
• my main fandoms are enstars, yakuza, hypmic, jjba and overwatch.
• currently, i'm a graphic design technician trying to get into a game design college.

discord: xaihan#1283
(hmu we can play ow or sth ;^)


• heavy rt
• not nsfw safe
• not good at DMing first or interacting first overall hh sorry im trying my best
• might get sad and start whining on main don't mind me
• dfi you're okay with incest/pedophilia





jojo's bizarre adventure



final fantasy series

other faves